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Is 12GB RAM and 1TB of Storage An Overkill?

If i am to answer this question truthfully, i’ll say 12GB RAM and 1TB storage on a smartphone is way too much. Though it will b fun to try out a phone thats got 12GB RAM, imagine the speed.

Don’t tell me you still don’t know the smartphone we are talking about yet – its the Samsung Galaxy s10, worth $1600 (N576,000).

Android RAM management can be complex, When you start a new app and there isn’t enough RAM available, Android will kill an older app to free up memory.

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At a time when many laptops are still shipping with 8 GB (or even 4 GB in some cases), you have to question why a phone would need  up to 12 GB of RAM. The answer is a quick one: it doesn’t. In my opinion, 4GB is usable, between 6GB and 8GB is the sweet spot, and anything more is just a waste.

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