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Apple iPhone Xs Max Explodes in a Man’s Pocket in Ohio, USA

We’ve heard stories like this before, my question is “what exactly is the reason why a phone will just explode when its no where near a fire or a gas station?”

A man from Ohio in the US has claimed that his iPhone XS Max caught fire and exploded in his pocket. According to a report in idropnews, the man who wants to be referred to as J Hillard claimed that his three-week old iPhone XS Max expoded in his back pocket.

The incident reportedly took place on December 12. J Hillard told iDropnews that he was on lunch break when he noticed a foul smell coming from the back pockets of his pants. He further added that soon after, “he started feeling intense heat which also burned his skin.” This is said to have followed by green and yellow smoke.

“Left no other option, I had to exit the room since there was a female in the break room with me and remove my pants. I ran to the boardroom where I got my shoes and pants off as fast as possible. A VP of our company put the fire out with a fire extinguisher because he heard me yelling,” he told the website. Hillard further added.

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Once the phone was extinguished, I was left with a hole in my pants, fire extinguisher on my pants/shoes, and some pain/irritation in my buttocks region where the pocket of my pants was located.”

The news got to Apple and they replaced his phone. He was lucky not to have sustained a serious injury from the fire.

Please be careful where you keep your iPhone Xs Max and how you use it.

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