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Are Data Plan Prices in Nigeria Scam?

Deciding what network to use in certain areas of Nigeria can be tricky. Free internet is scarce as fuel in Nigeria, especially during the yuletide. To some, the term free for internet surfing is almost as fantastic as the idea of free products in Nigeria.

The question users get faced with is are data plan prices from MTN, GLO, Then Etisalat (9mobile) and Airtel a charade?

Well, I’d say yes and No.  Why? Here’s why:

MTN by far offers one of the best internet connection, you don’t need to climb a rock or a tree to surf the internet with MTN. Yes, I feel the network has lived up to their slogan  “everywhere you go”

I’d say all is not green and rosy about MTN, first is the price of the bundles, Man they are very expensive. The Mtn midnight plan offers limited data options than Airtel and Glo.

Glo, on the other hand, is the mirror opposite of MTN. The plans are by far the cheapest but the network sucks. Little wonder, Glo and its founders are often made fun of on various social media. Some take it as far as saying Glo is slower than the 1930’s train that chugs more and moves less. But the silver lining to Glo’s problem is that they endorse more artiste rather than improving the user experience. Maybe if they focus on improving the network, more artiste would actually use their service.

  • Just so you don’t see me as a hater, I’m happy Glo dish out endorsements to artistes, actors and public figures more than any network provider. It’s great, but what is the use of it all if their services aren’t accepted by the masses they provide services to?

Airtel is a mixture of Glo and MTN. If you’ve watched Frankenstein – you’d know better. They have amazing data bundles and the network is a bit good. However, a lot of users have complained of an obvious flaw – throttling data. Yes, no network in Nigeria throttles its data like Airtel. The rate at which one consumes a 10MB bundle of MTN and that of Airtel is different. The former seems to last longer and with the gift of MTN fast speed, Airtel is left trailing.

Etisalat offers great data connections speed, but I can’t just comprehend their expensive data prices. Yes, even pricier than MTN itself. Well, that brings the data offerings to a scrutiny.

So which is best for you?

Man, I’m not going to be biased here good plans f are great. MTN is amazing, Glo too and so is Etisalat.

I’m I making sense? How can all be good if I’m supposed to be criticizing not covering up their asses.

So here’s the candid truth.

Each network has an area where it thrives better than the other.

So the term best network is only relative – sure MTN is the most outstanding but considering it’s relativity of how good their network quality is compared to its competitors.

I’d say GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE and MTN need to go back to the drawing board. We deserve better.

About Michael Iyeyi

Michael Iyeyi, CEO of is a humble tech enthusiast, a blogger, and a music freak with passion to impact lives positively.

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