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Michael Iyeyi

Michael Iyeyi, CEO of is a humble tech enthusiast, a blogger, and a music freak with passion to impact lives positively.

How I Started Blogging And The Challenges I Encountered


Lying on my bed thinking about what to write i decided to write about how i started blogging and the challenges i faced some of which am still battling with. Starting a blog wasn’t all that difficult for me, reason was that i already had prior knowledge about blogging coupled ...

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Xiaomi Reveals 100W Fast Charging Technology


Xiaomi has just revealed that it has successfully tested 100W fast charging tech for smartphones, one that can charge a phone full in just 17 minutes. Take a second and think about that, imagine charging a phone from 0-100% in just 17 minutes. The company’s engineers were able to achieve an ...

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This is How To Make Sure Your Kids Stay Safe On Youtube


Almost everyone with an android phone or a system uses YouTube. Truth is you can find almost anything on YouTube from guitar tutorials to blogging lessons. Everyone knows that YouTube has some fantastic videos that are great for kids, but a spate of controversies has hit the site since last ...

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Opera Update: New Free Inbuilt Browser VPN For Android

Enhanced online privacy is a right for everyone. Opera’s free built-in VPN requires no subscription, payment, or additional extensions. Opera recently introduced a VPN to Opera beta that is built into the browser and now it has rolled out to stable users. Meaning there’s no need to download a separate app ...

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How To Turn Off Annoying Ads On Tecno And Infinix Smartphones


Unauthorized display of ads on your smartphone can be annoying and frustrating all at once. Tecno Mobile sometimes display annoying ads in two forms, one of which is ‘Instant Apps’.  Instant apps shows game you can play without installation. Sushi Cat, Comboy Zombie, Freddy, Ninja Flips etc. While the second ...

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Apple Announced Second Generation Earbuds With Wireless Charging

3 days ago, Apple rolled out its most anticipated upgrade of the Apple Earbuds, the second-generation Earbuds. And yes, it comes with an optional wireless charging case, as expected. The new Earbuds comes with a new Apple-designed H1 chip (that replaces the existing W1 chip), improved battery life, hands-free ‘Hey ...

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Google Recently Announced Stadia Game-Streaming Platform


“Game streaming” is one phrase that cranks gamers up. Although we’ve heard rumors for months about the new Google game streaming service. Well guess what? It is finally here, Google unveiled Stadia at its Game Developers Conference keynote on the 20th of March, 2019. What Is Stadia? Stadia is a ...

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