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Stephen Okome

Stephen Okome is a unique fellow with a huge interest in technology. He is a programmer, a h@cker and a web developer.

Android P Might Get iPhone X-Like Navigation Gestures

Google is testing a new navigation bar for Android P that looks similar to Apple’s new gesture and UI on the iPhone X. Google accidentally revealed the new navigation bar in an Android developers blog post cached copy, and the company removed a screenshot it posted of it in action. ...

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Enjoy Linux on this Slimbook Curve 24 All-In-One

  A great monitor with a great computer inside.The IPS high definition image panel makes it the perfect computer you need to enjoy multimedia, office, domestic or professional. Slimbook has added another machine to their PC lineup which lets people experience Linux on quality machines. Their latest offering is an ...

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Fedora 28 Release Date and New Features

Development for Fedora 28 starts immediately after the release of Fedora 27. The new update comes with lots of improvement from the previous update. The latest release  will provide battery improvement on laptops, slightly different initial setup and a possible secure Thunderbolt 3 support among other things. Fedora has a ...

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