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Best PPSSPP Settings For God Of War And Other Android Games

I’ve been a gamer all my life, from android games to PC games and presently looking forward to playing advanced “big boys” Tv games.
I posted an article of an android game, God of war PPSSPP. Based on feedbacks from my readers, i think the settings is a bit difficult. Below is a guide i’ve put together, hope it helps.


In this section we cover some major settings that should bring good graphics, and smooth performance. Since, the performance varies from device to device, it would be a good try out some changes on your own.

A major change was implemented in this emulator few days back. The graphics rendering now supports Vulkan that works very fast, and smooth compare other reset of the shaders.

It works for both, high-end, and low-end devices.

So, going forward, we don’t have to choose between such choices. You just need to select Vulkan under Backend.
This should bring major performance spike in your PPSSPP gameplay.

2. Performance

Here comes the most important aspect that gonna boost the entire performance of PPSSPP Emulator. Changes to these settings affect performance directly.
We had many trails, and tests to bring these settings.
If your device is powerful like OnePlus 3, equivalent or even more powerful (Galaxy Series), than high rendering resolution will work.
Try with 2x Rendering resolution. It brings impressive graphics and supports stable gameplay too.
Note: If your device is kind of low-specs or if you see low performance, then go for 1x Rendering resolution.

3. Textures scaling and filtering

Since we already setup with 2X rendering resolution, there is no need of using Textures scaling and filtering.
Just keep’em off all the time.

4. Hack Settings

Just like performance settings, these settings play a very important role when it comes to smooth, and stable performance.
Under these settings, just check following two options:
Timer Hack – improves FPS significantly.
Disable alpha test – best for PowerVR powered phones. It takes advantage of PowerVR’s graphic chips for better graphics.

5. Controls

Thought, it totally depends upon a user how he/she would prefer the control. Still, we are excited to share our implements.
To play God of War extensively, you need to access R1 and L1 buttons on the Go. To make use of only right hand (or left), we have overlapped, these two buttons as shown in below screenshot:

We recommend that you remove that Unthrottle button from the touch buttons. To do that, just head to Touch button controls, tap on Visibility tab, and un-check the Unthrottle button.

Make further changes as per your comfort.

I hope this settings has helped you, be sure share with friends.

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Michael Iyeyi, CEO of is a humble tech enthusiast, a blogger, and a music freak with passion to impact lives positively.

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