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Bitmain Sues Mystery Thief for Alleged Theft of Bitcoin Worth $5.5 Million

H@ckers have been attacking bitcoin wallets of mining companies and individuals with something worth stealing in their bitcoin wallet. It is actually becoming serious and rampant.

A mining giant known as “Bitmain” based in China recently sued an anonymous h@cker for the alleged theft of cryptocurrency worth $5.5 million from Bitmain’s account on Binance in April, according to a lawsuit filed with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle on Nov. 7.


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As stated in the court document, an unknown hacker, referred to as “John Doe” in the case, managed to take over Bitmain’s Binance account and used stored Bitcoin to manipulate the price of altcoin Decentraland (MANA) and then steal the profits.

Bitmain says in the court document that the amount of the company’s losses “exceeds” $5.5 million in “Bitcoin and other digital assets,” and specifying that the defendant was able to steal “approximately 617 BTC.” The document cites that the unauthorized action took place on April 22, when Bitcoin was trading at around $8,935.

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