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Buy And Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria At A Cheaper Rate

Seeking for a trusted organization in Nigeria with whom you can buy or sell Bitcoin? you’ve come to the right place, as always Alphatekng got you covered.

Emandataplan Is a company Popularly known to have provided Thousands of Nigerians with data bundles since 2014 Till date, present a simple and easy way for Nigerians to buy and sell bitcoin at best market prices.

This company is available for everyone who wants to simply buy and sell Bitcoins. Alright lets go straight to the point.


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Note: Emandataplans Buys and Sales $50 As Minimum Worth Of Bitcoin CrytoCurrency.

How To Buy Bitcoin from Emandataplan

  • Customer can buy bitcoin from us by calling 08134069615
  • Emandataplan gives you the current buying rate
  • If the customer is satisfied with the current market price, Then
  • Emandataplan gives the customer the bank account details to make payment
  • Emandataplan confirms the payment and send bitcoin to the customer instantly

How To Sell Bitcoin to Emandataplan

  • Customer calls Emandataplan on 08134069615 and tells him how much bitcoin he has to sell
  • Emandataplan gives you the current selling rate and the Bitcoin Wallet Address to send the bitcoin
  • Emandataplan asks for your bank account details
  • Once the bitcoin you sent to Emandataplan is confirmed on the
  • blockchain, Emandataplan sends your payment to the bank account provided

So there you have it.

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