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Can Dream League Soccer 2017 Really be Compared to Fifa 2016?

If you guys have been following my articles, you would know that am not that big on football games; however i couldn’t help but wonder which is better between Dream league soccer 17 and Fifa 16.

The truth is very few soccer games can actually be compared to FIFA 16 or Konami’s PES 2017  games for mobile devices. Dream league Soccer 2017 is one such game, in terms of gameplay.


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Comparing Graphics

Dream League Soccer 2017 is a modest looking game and if you have played the FIFA 16, you feel a bit disappointed with the graphics. The players’ faces do not look anything like their real-life counterparts.


Unlike FIFA 16, you don’t get to play at different international stadiums, but at a custom made stadium developed by you, which i think is awesome if you ask me.

The truth is that Dream League Soccer 2017 is perfect for casual football gamers. That it works offline, takes up just 326MB after installation and doesn’t require high-end specs to work smoothly makes it stand out in the crowd.

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