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You Can Now Share Your Smartphone Screen With Friends Over Skype Video Calls

Hello guys, first of all i think its only appropriate that i apologize for the silence since last month, i was caught up with work. Alright today we will be talking about a cool feature in Skype.

Skype recently launched a new functionality which will enable users to share their smartphone screen with friends over a video call directly inside the call.


Tell me that is not cool? According to Skype’s official website, screen sharing makes collaboration easy. You no longer need Skype premium to participate in group screen sharing. Another cool thing is you can actually drag and drop files of up to 300MB into your conversation window and everyone on the call will have access to the file.

How To Start Sharing Your Screen

  • Update your apps to the latest version of the Skype on playstore either iOS or Android
  • Android– Tap the more “…” button then the screen sharing button.
  • iPhone and iPad– Tap the more “…” button then the screen sharing. In the confirmation window, select Skype then Start Broadcasting.
  • Select the screen sharing button again to stop sharing.

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