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How To Fix Charging Issues on an iPhone

It is practically annoying and frustrating when your smartphone is unable to charge. Though iPhones generally faced with charging issues. The charging cable and the phone charging port are some of the major causes of iPhone charging issues. How To Fix Issue of iPhone Not Charging 1. Slow iPhone charging ...

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How To Disable All Call Divert on Your Android Phone

Now we all know that Call divert is a phone feature which allows you to forward your incoming calls to an alternative number or landline number, but the question is “how can i deactivate call divert on my phone?” Call diversion is actually an important feature in some circumstances, today ...

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How To Fix “Apk Not Installed” Error On Your Smartphone

I won’t even try to deny the fact that this “Apk not installed, package appears to be corrupt” error is super annoying. Am pretty sure you might have experienced this error message while working on an App using Android studio. Also Read: How To Disable Auto App Updates On Your Android ...

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