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All You Need To Know About AWS Mining

The world is fast becoming digitalized, people rarely carry cash around. We all know what bitcoin is so i won’t dwell on its definition too much in this article. This days you can walk into a supermarket, buy an item and pay with bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet. Most people ...

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WhatsApp Introduces Biometric Authentication for iOS Devices

WhatsApp Biometric Authentication is now available for iPhones.  Users have started receiving an important Whatsapp update with the release of their latest version 2.19.20. The new update now allows users to lock their WhatsApp application by using the Face ID or the Touch ID. The new authentication feature has been ...

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You Can Now Purchase Cryptocurrency With Opera Web Browser

Opera just dropped an important and unique update. Its Android version now allows users to buy cryptocurrency directly from their web browsers. How cool is that? News is that Opera has embraced cryptocurrency with open arms, and added a built-in wallet to its Android and PC browsers late last year. ...

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