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Latest WhatsApp Update: Spam Messages Feature

I would say that its a good thing that WhatsApp are not relenting when it comes to improving their messaging app. Amazing updates are being rolled out on a daily, few days ago Whatsapp released a feature that has to do with Group description, a week or two before that it ...

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Google begins replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with Google Pay

Google “the search giant” has started rolling out the updates through the Play Store which will replace Android Pay as well as Google Wallet with ‘Google Pay‘ and ‘Google Pay Send‘ respectively. The application is arranged into two parts: a “Home” tab, which demonstrates recent payment action, close-by neighborhood offers and ...

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Meet The World’s First Smartphone Driven Car

If you woke up one morning and someone told you that one day you would use your smartphone to drive a car, would you believe it? If you ask me i think this is an invention for the books. Huawei has made this possible by inventing the world’s first driver-less car ...

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WhatsApp Group Description Feature Now Out

WhatsApp has been operating on another level lately launching one update after the other. After releasing WhatsApp payment feature the company is launching yet another feature and it has to do with WhatsApp groups. The feature called “Group Description” allows users to add a short bio or description just as they do ...

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WhatsApp Messages Can’t Be Deleted Once They Have Been Qouted


WhatsApp rolled out this feature last year to enable its users delete messages mistakenly sent to wrong contacts or group before they read them. Users can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. However, if within these seven minutes, that message is quoted then the original message ...

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Globacom Awarded With The Integrity And Service Award


So here we are again talking about Globacom, but this time we bring you good news about the “grand master of data“. They were recently honored with an award from NTA. Telecommunications giant, Globacom recently earned one of the 2017 Integrity and Service Awards of the Nigerian Television Authority – the Nigerian ...

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Telecommunication operators Lose 10 Million Customers

Nigeria’s telecom Agencies had a rather unpleasant ending in the year 2017, with over 140 million inactive Subscribers and 10 million lost customers in the same period. Now thats alarming. The NCC statistics depicted that MTN still controlled the market and completed the year with 36.2% piece of the overall ...

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Google Has Removed A Feature On Google Search


Google has decided to adhere to the bargain of Stock-photo, Due to the deal Google made with Stock-Photo Agency Getty to end their battle, Google has removed the search image feature from Google search. You all know how we search images on Google search and then click on it to ...

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