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Download Best Wrestling Games On Android

Wrestling games happen to be my second best kind of game, shooting games are my best. I mean who doesn’t like wrestling games? You get to punch, kick and do other cool stuff to your opponent.

The truth is you can hardly find a decent Wrestling game online unless you know how to search for them, that is why I decided to compile this list for you guys containing the best wrestling games on android.

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Best Wrestling Games On Android.

1. EA Sports UFC


EA Sports UFC is definitely among the best wrestling games. It features prominent fighters from both the male and female circuits. There are a total of 70 fighters over four divisions. You can level up characters as you play. This unlocks additional move sets. The game also features live events, leaderboards, and more. It’s an EA game. That means it’s full of annoying in-app purchases. However, the mechanics are fairly solid. You’ll spend a lot of time grinding.


2. MMA Fighting Clash


MMA Fighting Clash is one of the generic wrestling games. It features a similar style to the official UFC game. However, it doesn’t quite have the same level of polish. The game features multiplayer, various weight classes, over 60 characters, and more. You can also customize the characters with over 100 different moves. The mechanics are fairy evident. You tap various buttons to make the fighters do various moves. It’s closer to an actual wrestling game than you’d normally find. The reviews are fairly positive as well. It’s a free download so it won’t cost you anything to try it.


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