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This is How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode

With lots of users already testifying about the facebook dark mode and how awesome it is, i think you guys should give it a try.

Facebook teased the release of Dark Mode on FB Messenger last year October but still hasn’t been released yet till this moment.

The Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger can be enabled by sending a moon emoji (this one:) in a chat. As soon as you send this emoji, you will see a message pop-up at the top that reads “You Found Dark Mode!”.

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Just as the picture below depict, a button with “Turn on in Settings” written on it will guide you.


As soon as you tap on that button, it will take you to Facebook Messenger settings where you will see a new option called “Dark Mode”. It will have a toggle button right next to it. tap it to ON the Dark Mode.

Once you turn on the Dark Mode, Facebook will display a message saying it’s still working on this feature so you won’t see Dark Mode everywhere in Messenger. It may also appear broken at some places.

Though users from Philippines, Portugal, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia,France, UK, Canada and some other countries has testified that this method works for them, this might not work in your country though but just give it a try lets know via the comment section.

Note: If the feature isn’t available for your country, turn on your VPN to any of the countries above, and enable Dark Mode, then turn it back off.


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