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Ever Heard of Privacy Screen Protector?

What is Privacy screen protector? If that is the question in your head, then read on.

A privacy screen protector is a phone accessory that does two things;

  1. as a screen protector to keep your smartphone display in pristine condition.
  2. It helps to keep away prying eyes in the dark.

Like a regular screen guard, these can be of the PET film or tempered glass variety, but come with an additional anti-spy filter or layer that limits the viewing angle of your display. This ensures that no one else can see what’s on your screen but you.

Why Do You Need A Privacy Screen Protector?

Ever been on a bus or in a public place and have people sit or strand close to you and watch what you’re doing on your phone? Well it does happen, i personally get to figure out my friends passwords using this trick and its Called “visual hacking”.

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Using phones has become so second nature that we don’t think about the surprising amount of sensitive information that’s accessible through our smartphones, be it email accounts, bank and card info, personal pictures, and more.

A lot of key information can be stolen from your smartphone screen while you unknowingly scroll or type away on it.

It’s not even just about malicious intent either. It could even be as simple as you not wanting the person next to you on public transportation to know what you’re watching, what websites you’re visiting, and more. We do a lot on our smartphones, but nobody else but you should know what that is.

How Privacy Screen Protector Works.

Most privacy screen protectors use a form of micro louver technology that allows light from the phone to display to pass through only at certain angles.


Where To Buy A Privacy Screen Protector

Click on this LINK to purchase a privacy screen protector.

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