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Beware Of Scammers! My Experience With A Scam Website

It is no news that there are millions of scam websites online, they appear very real and convincing sometimes. What i don’t get is why someone would decide to prey on people’s desire to make money.

Today i am going to  be revealing some scam websites so you don’t fall prey to them like i almost did. I stumbled upon a site that pays for viewing ads, it appeared real to me because its only ideal you get paid for watching ads.

Beware of this site guys, the thing with it is after you must have made money on it, they would ask you to do a bitcoin top up of $10 to activate your account before you can withdraw your money. A friend of mine said, “why won’t they just remove the $10 worth of bitcoin from the money you’ve made on their site” lol.

To make matters worse after you do the bitcoin top up, you still will not get your money. That can be really annoying.

If you’ve done your research on that site, you would realize that there are other sites exactly like it…There is


There are thousands of scam websites online today, they look so convincing and real. I advice you thoroughly research a site before you decide to commit and make money from it.

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