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Facebook To Update Messenger App With Unsend Feature

There are times when you send messages on Facebook and later regret sending that message, what do you do then? Before now you could do nothing but now Facebook is rolling out an unsend feature to help you delete an already sent message.

They’re preparing to update Messenger apps in the coming weeks with the “retraction of sent messages” feature, the exciting thing is, you’ll have as much as 10 minutes to carry out delete the message once sent.

Although it may be a while before you have the option of correcting missteps in your part of the world. Unsending is now available in Messenger’s Android and iOS apps in Bolivia, Colombia.

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You probably must have been able to delete sent messages before, but it’s only from your end that it gets deleted. This new feature will allow you to remove the message from your messenger app as well as the receiver’s messenger app. But you have a window period of 10 minutes to do so.

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