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Fastest Way To Take A Screenshot On IPhone X

The iPhone X is the biggest risk Apple has yet taken with its most important product — the most influential single product in consumer electronics history — and what’s striking to me is how casually we’ve all accepted its success.

The New iPhone X comes with lot of new interesting features, and also some noticeable changes was also seen as well. That’s to say Apple Change a lot of things and functions in the new iPhone X, For example the way you reset the device, how you unlock the device and also how to take a screenshot. There are also some other features which might have yet been noticed or seen. But i will be showing you how to take a screenshot in this article.

Step By Step Method How To Take A Screenshot On The New iPhone X

1. Navigate To The screen where you want to screenshot.

2. Press and hold down the power button (the Power button is the button which is on the right side of your iPhone X, the only button on the right).

3. After holding the power button for about two seconds, press the volume up button and hold it down too (the volume button is on the left side of your iPhone X. It is the button right below the ring/silence switch).

4. Your Screenshot will be taken at once, As soon as the screenshot is made, your iPhone screen will flash, and your device will make a click sound. It may or may not sound or even make a different sound based on your iPhone X sound settings, however, but as long as you see a flash on your screen, it means that your iPhone has taken the screenshot and saved in your Gallery or respective folder > Screenshots.

NOTE: If after following the above steps and still doesn’t work for you, you can always use the Assistive Touch on your iPhone X to take your screenshots.

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