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How to Fix Audio Issues On Windows 10 PCs

Now it is no news that Windows users might experience some problems in audio and video performance. I’ve put together a guide to help you fix the audio issue in Windows 10.

As it turns out, every user is facing a different kind of issue with Windows 10. Though you will always have the option for rolling back to the previous version, but we will keep that for the end.

Fix audio issues on Windows 10 using the basics

This is the pretty basic and very first step to fix audio issues in Windows 10. You need to first check out your speakers and headphone connections and see if some audio cable is loose or connected to the wrong jack.

Now check your volume levels from the audio icon and don’t forget to check the volume levels of your external speakers.

Use Device Manager to fix audio issues on Windows 10

Another reason why your Windows 10 might be giving your problems could be related to the driver issues. Make sure that your sound card is working properly and is running with updated drivers.

To fix audio issues in Windows 10, just open the Start and enter Device Manager. Open it and from a list of devices, find your sound card, open it and click on the Driver tab.

Now, select the Update Driver option. Windows should be able to look at the internet and update your PC with the latest sound drivers.

Fix audio issues on Windows 10 by troubleshooting

Troubleshooter is the always the first thing one should do after any sort of issue in Windows 10. Gone are the times where Troubleshooter was never able to identify issues, the Windows 10 troubleshooter work very efficiently.

To run the audio Troubleshooter in Window 10 – Go to Windows 10 Settings – Update and Security – Troubleshoot – Playing Audio

Just follow through the steps and the Windows 10 Troubleshooter will automatically fix any sound issue that you are facing.


Your audio issues should be fixed if you run any of this method correctly. Enjoy!

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