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How To Fix And Speed Up The Performance Of A Slow Android Smartphone

Sometimes while using your android device, you realize that it starts lagging or even force stopping some apps, this might be due to over multitasking your device beyond its RAM limit. Here are various way of fixing this issues, so You can follow up and fix this issue.


How To Increase Slow Android Phone Performance

1. Firmware Updates: These updates brings a fix to all the bugs and errors on your Android device and hence, improves the performance and features.

Go to Settings>>About Device>>Software Updates and check for available updates to fix your slowing device with just an upgrade.

2. Install A Custom ROM: Carefully search for your right phone custom ROM and install it into your phone. A custom ROM fixes bugs and provides an update to your Android device.

3. Uninstall or Disable Unnecessary Apps: Those apps that are not in use should be uninstalled because they eat up RAM as they run in background. These are the ways to stop them:

  • Go to Settings>>Apps>>Running tab and find the unnecessary apps eating up your RAM.
  • Then go to Settings>>Apps>>All tab.
  • Click on the App and uninstall, if it refuses, tap on Disable to stop it from working.

4. Software Updates: Go to playstore and update all your apps. There might be some apps with bugs, an update will provide a fix for all of them and will make your Android run faster.

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