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Glo Reviewed And Reduces Its Data Plans

A great man once told me ;

“If you want to test the patience of a man , ask him to download a 10GB file on a 2G network”.

But if you’re a Glo user , i’m sure you must have faced tougher tests than that. We tried to enjoy the data plans despite the slow network, whats going to happen now that they have reduced their data plans?

Before now we enjoy 4GB For N1000 and 9.5GB For N2000 but after the review N1000 now gives you just 1.6GB and 2GB for auto renewal, As for N2000 it gives you just 3.65GB and 4.5GB for Auto-renewal. imagine the 4GB is now for N2000. even with Glo Poor network they still reduces their data plan as well, this will cost them alot of customers. Below is the list of the new data plans.


  • N25 for 10MB, renewal is 12.5MB
  • N50 for 22MB, renewal is 27.5MB
  • N100 for 80MB, renewal is 100MB
  • N200 for 210MB, renewal is 262MB
  • N500 for 800MB, renewal is 1GB
  • N1,000 for 1.6GB, renewal is 2GB
  • N2,000 for 3.65GB, renewal is 4.5GB
  • N2,500 for 5.75GB, renewal is 7.2GB
  • N3,000 for 7GB, renewal is 8.75GB
  • N4,000 for 10GB, renewal is 12.5GB
  • N5,000 for 12.5GB, renewal is 15.6GB
  • N8,000 for 20GB, renewal is 25GB
  • N10,000 for 26GB, renewal is 32.5GB
  • N15,000 for 42GB, renewal is 52.5GB
  • N18,000 for 50GB, renewal is 62.5GB
  • N20,000 for 63GB, renewal is 78.75GB

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