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Globacom Super Value Pack Offers You More Data and Talk Time

Hello people, we are just a few hours away from 2019, hope you guys have made your new year resolutions and learnt from your mistakes in 2018. Today we bring you Glo super value pack offer which offers more talk time and data.

Glo just introduced the new “Glo Super Value Pack” to compliment this season, a voice and data combo offer which gives its subscribers more benefits on investments. Pretty interesting right?


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Glo Super Value Pack

Glo Super Value  Pack comes in two types namely “More Data with Talk” and “More Talk with Data”  could be used exclusively by Glo customers within Nigeria as well as overseas while roaming.

1. More Data With Talk

More Data with Talk, was designed for heavy data subscribers who required more data and less voice, while the More Talk with Data, was exclusively packaged for customers who use more voice and less data.

For customers who pick More Data with Talk, a recharge of N2,000 gives them N4,000 for voice calls to all networks, in addition to 2.5GB total data volume, comprising 2GB data volume and 500MB data gift. It has 30 days’ validity”, the statement declared.

A recharge of N1000 comes with N2,000 for voice calls to all networks, 1GB data volume and 250MB gift data, making it 1.25GB total data volume, with a validity period of 14 days

2. More Talk With Data

The telecoms company added that the ‘More Talk with Data’ variant had a “validity period of 14 days for N1,000 recharge, which comes with N3,950 for calls across all networks, 300MB data volume and 75MB data gift, making it a total data volume of 375MB.”

How To Subscribe For This Plan

To subscribe and enjoy this plan, please dial *777#. To Check the Balance, please dial *606#.

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