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God Of War Selected As The Favourite Among PS4 Game Developers

I am so in support of this, infact if i was a game developer, am pretty sure i would choose God of war as the best. The game is just epic and adventurous. Writing this article now, i feel like playing god of war.

PlayStation recently celebrated her 5th anniversary and they asked 23 developers to name their top three PS4 games: 2018’s God of War came top, with Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne next in line.


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Not only a critical and commercial success, but also a favourite among game designers themselves, God of War was named by more than half responding to an official PlayStation 4 retrospective.


The game took troubled Greek god Kratos out of ancient Greece and on a violent adventure into mythological Norse lands. This time he was accompanied by his son, the powerful and accomplished warrior was at last coming to terms with some of his personal issues.

Released in April of 2018, God of War was received as one of the PS4’s very best.

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