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Meet Raymond Augustine, A Network Engineer at Vitae Computer Academy

About 2 months ago I started an initiative that involves interviewing successful tech personalities in an attempt to inspire you guys. Few weeks ago i interviewed Mr. Harry Ogbeide, a professional digital marketer and online business coach.

Today we get to meet another awesome Nigerian who currently is a bad-ass Network Engineer at Vitae Computer Institute, Kano State, Nigeria. Alright everyone meet Mr. Raymond Augustine.

Tell us about yourself Mr. Raymond

Well my name is Raymond Augustine as you already know, a tech-minded individual and presently a network engineer at Vitae computer institute.

How would you describe Vitae computer academy to the common man?

Vitae computer academy is an institution where students are thought a lot about computer and are encouraged to learn advanced computer packages, it is also a recognized Jamb CBT center.

Alright, how do you manage to make them understand the importance of advanced computer packages?

Well the issue with people in the north is that they just want to learn the basics of a computer and how to operate a computer, most of them are not curious about going further. So we have been trying to cur that for a while now and trying to make them understand the importance of advanced packages.

What are the challenges you face at Vitae Academy?

The only major challenge is people’s unwillingness to adopt advanced packages, they tend to shy away from it. Language would have been a huge challenge as well but we thank God that quite a good number of the staff understand Hausa. Other minor challenges we have are network connectivity issues( that is where i come in) and electricity issue.

The vision of Vitae computer academy is to transform northern Nigeria and the country as a whole into a space of technology, how far have you gone with that?

In the aspect of transforming northern Nigeria, i’ll say we have gone through like 50% of it. We bring in key resource persons to handle specific task, we also gave out free scholarship (mostly from secondary schools) for people to understand advanced packages.

If you were to do your carrier all over again, would you do anything differently?

Hahaha i wouldn’t have looked anywhere. I could do it 10 times over.

What advice would you give to young people who thinks being computer literate is not that important?

The world is growing to a more advanced digital age. People should try and embrace technology or they might just get left behind.

Alright Mr. Raymond Augustine, we thank you for your time and on behalf of the people of Nigeria, i say thank you for your contribution to the society.

Hope you guys have been inspired, stay tuned for more inspiring interviews.

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