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Microsoft May Roll Out Xbox-like Controller for Mobile Devices soon

Only gamers would understand the kind of weight games pull these days in the tech world.

Microsoft may be rolling out new Xbox-related items for smartphones and tablets. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the software giant is believed to be working on new Xbox controllers.

The item might be something like a genuine controller. Rather than utilizing contact controls on the display, genuine catches will be utilized as a genuine Xbox controller. We’re not considering this as only talk but rather a greater amount of an early review of a project by Microsoft Research.



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This is just an experiment for now, but the vision of the team is for Switch-like flexibility. They control themselves – analog sticks plus a D-pad or a handful of buttons on each side – are relatively small and they attach to the side of the device (be it phone or tablet).

This is some cool stuff and i can’t wait to try it out when its launched.

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