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Mozilla Firefox 63 Released With Intriguing Features

The new Mozilla firefox 63 comes with enhanced tracking protection that prevents your activity across the Web from being tracked.

The new Firefox 63 gives users the option to block third-party tracking cookies or block all trackers. Users can also create exceptions for sites they trust, in case they break due to having trackers blocked. In a detailed blog post, the company discussing this feature, explains finding the right trade-offs between having stronger privacy protections and inadvertently hurting small websites that use third-party tools.

To find this new option, go to your Firefox v63 Options/Preferences. On the left-hand menu, click on Privacy & Security. Under Content Blocking click the checkbox next to “Third-Party Cookies” and select “Trackers (recommended)”:

Mozilla is currently heavily dependent on money from Google; Google pays a large sum of money to have its search engine as the Firefox default. This is an unusual relationship, given that Firefox directly competes with Google’s Chrome. Mozilla is hoping that this VPN promotion will enable it to broaden its revenue sources, making it less dependent on Google’s cash.

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