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NCC Ordered To Stop Illegal Deduction of Data From Subscribers

This is long overdue, the rate at which Telcos illegally deduct data from subscribers is alarming. Finally someone has decided to correct that error.

Dr Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy has ordered the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) to implement a directive on the reduction of the cost of data in the country.

The NCC was also ordered to enforce an earlier directive to compel service providers to put a stop to illegal deduction of subscribers’ data within five days. The commission was given five days to act on the directives.

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In an interview, Dr Isa Pantami said:

“I commented last time on the issue of data deduction, this is one of the issues that is worrying me badly to death.

“I was not fully convinced with the explanation by the NCC; please go back and review that issue.

“It is very important and I want to get your feedback in the next five working days with the decision on it because the complaints from Nigerians are beyond what I can handle.

“As it is today, people are complaining and it happens to me. I recharge my phone (my data line) and I believe what I use is not up to 20 per cent of what I purchase.

This is the best news i’ve heard in weeks, finally someone cares. What do you guys think? Do you think he really cares about Nigerian citizens or he is doing this because he realizes it affects him as well?

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  1. this is an intelligent decision well done sir, i can’t wait for this decision to commence.

  2. I think it’s because he has realised that it’s affecting him too

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