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New Changes To Facebook After The Data Scandal, Would They Really Help?

Yesterday we wrote an article about Mark Zuckerberg’s statement on the cambridge analytica data scandal which led to the exploitation of millions of Facebook users.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg mapped out detailed steps to ensure the safety of your data on the platform, they include:

  1. An in-depth look at the applications that have access to a large amount of data, and a complete audit of these applications when something fishy is found.
  2. You will be able to see the applications that have access to your data and automatically revoke their access if you haven’t used the app within the last 3 months.
  3. A limitation of access to apps that require a Facebook login. Moving forward, the company will restrict the shared data to just name, email and profile photo. If the developer needs more data access, he must not only get approval but also sign a contract.
  4. As said in point 2, Facebook will also introduce a tool at the top of your news feed that shows all the apps that have your data so that it can be easy to revoke their permissions.
  5. A plan to expand its bug bounty program to attract more security researchers and enhance the overall security of the platform.
  6. Finally, a notification would be sent to all the users whose data have been misused during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

My question is, do you really think the above changes can protect your data online?

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