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Does Phone Radiation Truly Cause Cancer?

If i had a dollar or even a naira for every time i hear someone warn me about phone radiation, i would be rich by now. Very few people understand how radiation works, we put our phones right beside our brains all the time, and technology in general often feels like it ought to be causing some sort of illness.

Few years ago it was announced on the news that there was going to be radiation that particular night, there was panic everywhere, people kept their phones on the top shelves, some even went as far as locking their phones in a box.

Cellphones have been around for three decades now, i feel like we should have answers to whether they prompt cancer in people? Our present comprehension of radio waves says that, in principle, telephones shouldn’t give you cancer. In any case, nevertheless a research is ongoing to determine the exact fact.

An expert in phone radiation and Public Health, dean of the Colorado School  who led a World Health Organization working group on the subject. In 2011, the WHO group deemed phone radiation “possibly carcinogenic,” which is less certain than other classifications, but isn’t an outright “no” either. Six years later, Samet said there remains “some indication” of risk.

For now, it’s probably better not to spend too much of your time worrying: you’re surrounded by cellphone signals, Wi-Fi signals, and all other kinds of radio frequency radiation day in and out — not just when you put your phone up to your face. And until the evidence suggests otherwise, all of this is still considered less of a cancer risk.

Lets hear your views, do you think this otherwise or do you agree with this article. I think you guys should be careful though, whether it causes cancer or not “prevention is better than cure”

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