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The Reason Why Windows 10 is Considered the Most Secure Windows Ever

Most people this days use windows 10 not because of its security features but mainly because its the latest. Many are even unaware of its security level.

The thing is Windows 10 is intensively secured from h@ckers and malware. Let me break it down. Microsoft introduced two virtualization-based security features – namely Device Guard and Credential Guard – in Windows 10 and these are responsible for its level of security.

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Microsoft successfully tackled the two biggest challenge for enterprises with Windows 10, password management and protecting the operating system from attackers. Windows Defender was renamed Windows Security in 2017 and now includes anti-malware and threat detection, firewall and network security, application and browser controls, device and account security, and device health.

Windows Security shares status information between Microsoft 365 services and interoperates with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft’s cloud-based forensic analysis tool.

So there you have it, if you’re using windows 10, you are secured.

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