Samsung to launch a new wireless charger with Galaxy S9

The trend in technological advancement this days is mind blowing, Samsung is about to launch a wireless charger. Take a moment to imagine how a wireless charger works, intriguing right? Now that is what i call “improvement in the world of technology”.

Samsung is going to declare its next lead the Galaxy S9, and another quick remote charger is required to tag along. As indicated by a leaked client manual, the new pad will have two charging loops and will bolster quick charging to 9V/1.67A, 9V/2A or 12V/2.1A.

The wireless charger will have a USB-C on the back for control input and a fan on the back to disperse the warming from all the Qi charging. There is likewise a pointer light with different modes for better access. Red means charging, green means prepared, blazing light means error.

We will update you on any further update.

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Source: GsmArena

Post Author: Michael Iyeyi

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