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Samsung To Launch a Unique Foldable Smartphone on November 7th

I wrote an article last week about a flexipai smartphone that can actually fold like a wallet, well here is another. Samsung will be launching her first “foldable smartphone” at the Samsung Developer Conference which will be held from November 7-8 and we are certain that the phone will be showcased at the event.

The company, however, hasn’t been quite secretive about the project and CEO DJ Koh has spoken about the device in previous interviews. With just about a couple of days to go before the conference, Samsung Mobile has changed its profile pictures on most social media accounts to hint at the upcoming foldable phone, which has not been officially named yet.


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The report had also suggested that Samsung is looking to release a 5G-capable smartphone and a cheaper flagship handset by next year. Codenamed “Winner”, Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been previously rumoured to sport a price tag well above the flagships of 2018, at a point no less than $1,500 (roughly Rs. 1,10,000) and could be as high as $1,850 (about Rs. 1,35,700).

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