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Solve Maths Problems With Google Scientific Calculator

Over the years Google has managed to incorporate many additional features to its search page such as currency converter, translator, job search, games and many more.

One of the additional features you can discover on the Google search page is the calculator, which can be easily accessed from the search page can do simple calculations as well as complex calculations. I bet you’ve never heard of this before, if you have tell us about your experience with it in the comment box.


How to Use the Google Calculator
  • Launch your browser.
  • Go to
  • Click on the search bar and type in any simple calculation such as 2 + 5.
  • Click on search and wait while the page loads up.
  • The answer will be displayed as well as a full size scientific calculator.
  • That’s all, you can then go ahead and solve your simple or complex calculations.

Easy right? this works on desktop and mobile browsers.

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