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SPONSORED POST: Fitness Training And Advices To Keep You Healthy

As the speech communication goes “looking sensible is sweet business”. Over the years a lot of people have embarked on fitness training plan to keep fit. Whether you are a novice taking the primary steps toward fitness or AN exercise fanatic hoping to optimize your results, a well-rounded fitness training program is essential.

Have you heard about Life Fitness Bike? They are an organization that has to do with Fitness, Exercise Bikes, Gym Equipments e.t.c.


There is a lot gym machines that will go a long way to help you lose weight in no time. Today we’re going to be talking about exercise bikes.

Characteristics Of Exercise Bikes

 When choosing an exercise bike, it is important to determine what parameters it should have in order to provide you with effective training. Purpose and price depend on the number and value of characteristics. Let’s consider the characteristics important for the exercise bike at Lifefitnessbike.




Load system

The load system of exercise bikes determines exactly how it works.

Mechanical exercise bike – resistance is achieved through the belt. Breakthroughs are possible, the course is not smooth enough, no functionality. Exercise bike with mechanical load is considered obsolete.

Magnetic exercise bike – for the load, the impact of magnets on the flywheel is used, which gives a silent and smooth ride. Such exercise bikes have built-in programs and the ability to switch the load level.

Electromagnetic exercise bike – an electromagnetic field is used for the load. The built-in computer fully controls the workout process. Such simulators contain a lot of built-in programs designed for people with different parameters and goals of training.

Flywheel weight

The maximum load that the exercising person can receive can depend on the weight of the flywheel; the flywheel can weigh from 4 to 20 kg. The weight of the flywheel electromagnetic exercise bikes from 12 kg, less weight is used for magnetic exercise bikes. A flywheel with a large weight provides smooth acceleration and deceleration, the greater the weight of the flywheel, the more variable load levels.

Quantity and adjustment of load levels

Magnetic and electromagnetic exercise bikes have from 8 to 40 load levels in increments of 5 to 10 watts. This allows you to accurately select the desired load on the muscles. The number of load levels depends on the weight of the flywheel and the model of the exercise bike. Adjustment of load levels can be:

Manual – the trainee switches them using the regulator on the frame of the simulator.

Electronic – the load level is changed by pressing a button, or automatically according to a predetermined training program (where it is provided for).

Fit: vertical or horizontal

According to the method of landing distinguish horizontal exercise bikes and vertical:

 Vertical landing – the trainee takes the same position as on the bike.

Horizontal landing – the seat is low and far from the pedals, which allows you to stretch your legs horizontally. Full support back to the back of the simulator, reduces the load on the lower spine. This allows people with back pain and leg problems to train.

There are hybrid exercise bikes that allow you to change position. Such a simulator is needed for several users, if one of them wants an intense load, while the other suffers from back pain and needs a sparing training regime. The price of such exercise bikes is much higher than that of those with one landing.

Adjusting the seat and steering wheel horizontally and vertically

Adjustable vertical and horizontal seat and steering affect the comfort of the student. From a comfortable body position during training depends on how quickly you will get tired and how effective the exercise will be.

Pulse measurement and console indicators

Almost all exercise bikes have built-in sensors on the arms or a wireless sensor that is mounted on the chest (more accurately reads the pulse). The display shows the main indicators of training – calories burned, pulse, distance, pedal speed, speed and workout time.


Number of programs

The number and purpose of programs depends on the model of the exercise bike. The most useful exercise bike programs are interval training and cardio programs. Programs for the exercise bike make training varied and more effective.

The most advanced exercise program for the exercise bike after the introduction of age monitors the pulse and changes the intensity of the workout for maximum results, while monitoring the safety of the exercise.


Permissible user weight

Exercise bikes have a different permissible user weight, from 110 to 160 kg, it is recommended to stock 10 kg when purchasing a simulator. Choosing an exercise bike, which will continue to use the whole family, you need to focus on the largest person.


Folding system and transport rollers

Few exercise bikes are folding, because the simulator itself is compact. But almost all have shipping rollers that facilitate the movement of the simulator in the room.


Weight of the simulator

The weight of the exercise bike depends on its technical characteristics and the allowable weight of the user. It is not a particularly significant characteristic, since almost all exercise bikes can be transported around the room on rollers.


Additionally, exercise bikes can have a shelf for books, bottle holder, various supports for accessories. Some have built-in speakers and iPod connectivity or an MP3 player.

Fitness Tips For Good Health

So am gonna be giving you guys a few tips on how to stay fit and healthy.

  • Exercise daily
  • Eat the right kind of food


  • Keep track of calories and food intake per day
  • Be sure to get enough sleep, and
  • Stay motivated

Before you work out though there are a couple of tips that you need to follow before you work out. Some of which are listed in the image below;


So there you have it guys, start your fitness training today and live a healthy life.


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