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How I Started Blogging And The Challenges I Encountered

Lying on my bed thinking about what to write i decided to write about how i started blogging and the challenges i faced some of which am still battling with.

Starting a blog wasn’t all that difficult for me, reason was that i already had prior knowledge about blogging coupled with tutorial videos on YouTube. But what really helped me most was that i was opportuned to have friends that were already blogging at the time.

How I Started and The Challenges I Faced

Over the years, i’ve encountered numerous challenges since day 1 till this very moment and am not gonna lie to you it has not been easy. Below are some of the difficulties i faced:

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1. Finding A Niche

This is the first step you have to consider, for me this was simple because i knew what i loved and had passion for. Technology was my thing so i held on to it. Finding the right topic to write on can be a difficult question. A single topic or focus may restrict scalability, while too many topics may confuse readers or even turn them away.

2. Getting A Domain Name and Hosting Plan

This is where it all started getting real, I had to buy a domain name and a hosting plan. Which I did after making up my mind that i was going to be serious and ofcourse made inquiries about the best hosting plan. I chose namecheap, paid for the lowest plan they’ve got at the time which was $20 and that was when my journey began.

3. Designing The Website

The next step is to design the website, your site has to be user friendly. This was another difficult stage for me but i scaled through with the help of my friends ofcourse. You’re gonna have to choose a theme, create pages e.t.c.

4. Quality Content

Ever heard the saying “content is king”? The articles you publish must be of high quality. The trick to acing this is to always put your readers first before anything, when you care about you readers you’ll post quality content that will benefit them.

5. Time

To tell you the truth i am still battling with this. The time to write and publish quality articles is the problem, there is a saying though that “when something is important to you, you will make time”. Try to always make time for your readers, reason is you have a voice that they want to listen to.

6. Monetizing Your Blog

Before now i knew bloggers make money from blogging but i just don’t know how. Well i was determined to figure it out and i did. I Watched tutorials and asked questions until i got to know about Google adsense. I applied for an adsense account and was turned down three times but as God would have it, i got accepted on the fourth.

I hope i’ve been able to inspire you in one way or the other, don’t forget to share this article.

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