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How to stop your android device from over heating

If you’ve been following my articles, you’ll know that i once used HTC M8. Apart from the fact that the phone had issues with charging, it gets hot a lot. So i guess am qualified to say i know what you are going through if you android device over heats.

Here is how to fix this;

  1. Clear Catch– sometimes your phone overheat when you run a certain app, once you must have figured out that App; Go to setting, scroll to apps, click on it, click on the app, scroll down and click on clear catch that’s all. But if it continues I will recommend you clear data.
  2. Data– In my case, my phone used to overheat each time i turn on my data, if your device does this too, follow this step to fix it. Go to setting, click on data usage, click on the option and finally click on restrict background data. Problem fixed.
  3. Do Some Clean-Up– Make it habit to always delete Apps that you no longer use, videos that you are tired of watching and other files that you don’t need no more. Deleting things you no longer use on your phone will not only stop your phone from overheating but also give room for more apps and video you will later desire.

I hope this helped, be sure to share with friends and leave a comment below.

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