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Tips On How To Know And Choose A Good Web Hosting Provider

Its a rather tricky thing to make up your mind on which hosting providers to host with when you want to build a website, considering the fact that there are a lot of them out there with amazing packages. I had the same problem with my first blog but that was before i got to know about namecheap.

One important factor that every website owner takes into consideration before building a website is a “good web hosting provider and plan”. Before you choose a hosting plan, you must checkout if the hosting you about to use meet up with some basic requirement that suits your choice of website. Personally i prefer Namecheap web hosting provider, a hosting company in Atlanta Georgia with years of experience, their security is top notch and they have their customers need at heart. Here are some important things to note before choosing a hosting provider;

  • Determine your hosting requirements.
  • Consider on host reliability and uptime guarantees.
  • Look for upgrading options, considering your future needs.
  • Study all hosting features carefully including a number of addon domains allowed.
  • Check pricing for different plans.
  • Check whether you have access to control panel or not.
  • Look for other features such as backup, environmental friendliness, etc.

Also You must also;


  • Know What type of website you are creating such as eCommerce site, blog site, company website, etc.
  • Know Which is your preferred platform? For instance, WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • If your site require any special software?
  • How big or small the traffic volume would be?

How To Choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

1. Uptime Score: Nothing can be more important than having a reliable web host that can provide 24/7 operating web host. Always make sure the company you have chosen has a strong server and secure networking connection.

According to the industry standard, 99.5% and above is suggested uptime score. Never go with the company that has uptime score below than this. Anything below 99% is unacceptable.

2. Pricing: The most companies company offer different hosting deals to attract clients. They sell shared hosting at very cheap but charge much higher on renewals. Therefore, always check with the pricing of your preferred hosting provider in advance.

To avoid renewal cost, you should look for different web hosts offering cheap long-term hosting without any renewal cost.

Generally, any shared hosting that is priced below $10 per month could be acceptable. Before signup check with renewal price.

3. Easy Access to Hosting Control Panel​: Easy access to control panel matters a lot. And why not, it allows you to make a lot of changes to your website without making any changes to core functionality.

Look for a web host that gives you a liberty to access control panel as without sufficient access to control panel, you could be left at the mercy of technical support team of your hosting provider.

No matter if it is cPanel, Plesk, or any other 3rd party control, the important thing is you must have control over it.

4. Customer Support: Excellent customer support is must. No one can rely on a web host that does not provide a proper constant customer support.

The internet never sleeps and therefore, technical issue may occur anytime without any invitation. Therefore, you must invest in the company that offers 24/7 technical support. Moreover, you should also keep a check on the mediums of customer supports such as phone support, email support, Live chat support, etc.

To receive fast and knowledgeable technical support, you must have access to phone support. You should also test the response time of different support mediums, the behavior of customer support staff and their knowledge.

5. Server Upgrading Option: Shared web hosting providers are quite powerful these days. On a rough estimate, a shared web hosting account should be able to support a well-optimized WordPress blog with 30 thousand to 40 thousand monthly unique visitors. However, in the case you need to increase to upgrade this limit, your web host must be able to provide you server upgradation option.

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