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Tips On How to Prevent Your WordPress Site From Getting Hacked

WordPress is an online platform that helps users design their website to suite their taste. Its a pretty interesting and simple process, but as we all know website owners face a huge risk of being hacked.

I advise you start making regular backups so that restoring your content will not be difficult in the case of a h.ack. But make sure you know how to contact your web host. They will have to delete the entire website, as part of the process of removing the hacker’s access and malicious code. Once this is done, you’ll be able to reinstall WordPress and restore your data.

An unusual code on your site’s plugins or themes could be the cause of the h.ack; but you won’t know till you take the time to check your plugins and themes thoroughly! Also look out for new admin accounts, as it is possible the hackers have had access for a while. Delete these accounts, and send the WordPress hackers packing!

Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked.

  • Only use well-regarded, trusted plugins. Always check the plugin reviews.
  • Avoid pirated themes, using only reputable sources if you’re using third-party themes. here’s how to tell if your WordPress theme is legal.
  • Install an encrypted login plugin to make hacking your site trickier.
  • Always keep WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date.
  • Maintain a regular backup routine.
  • You should change the default “Admin” username, and set a strong password.

Take heed to these tricks and you’ll have no cause to fear h.ackers.

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