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Two Years Of Android Security Updates Mandated By Google In New Contract

Every month, a security team at Google releases a new set of security updates for Android — and every month, carriers and manufacturers struggle to get them installed on actual phones.

Google has mandated all telephone producers in recent tech news, instructing them that if their Android tool is famous they must then furnished protection O.S Updates for atleast four times within a year.

This a tremendous news for Android users, due to the fact many of Android smartphone makers don’t like giving out updates, however it is now a mandate all must abide.

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Many Smartphone makers have abandoned security updates of some device, this has been a problem on Android, where phone manufacturers will sometimes ignore products as they age or their use count dwindles. Consumers have rarely had certainty that their device would get timely updates, leading to flaws that remain open well beyond when they were identified.

in step with what The Verge stated, Google said that;

“protection updates are mandated within the 2nd year as properly, though with out a special minimal range of releases.”

The agreement covers any telephone launched after January 2018 that has been “activated by using more than one hundred,000 customers”

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