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How to Watch YouTube Videos in the Background.

You know, watching a video while doing other important stuff?! Now, there are several ways to go about this, the popular but annoying way is to use your Android browser, in my case, Chrome, to open YouTube in a desktop mode, and trust me:

I came across two better ways to go about this some months ago and it has changed my YouTube experience since then. The first is using the multi-window feature that comes with Android Nougat and above. All you have to do is open YouTube then long press on the recent app button to launch the multi-window.

To make the video play in the background, just press the home button!

Now the second method is even cooler, but you need an app! Flytube! (Download here). Like the name implies, this allows you to float any video on YouTube. So, you can watch your favorite YouTube video (For me, that would be coming home by puff daddy).

And still go about your Android business.

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Another thing I love about FlyTube is the ability to loop video, something you can’t do on YouTube for Android.

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