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WhatsApp will Start Displaying Ads in its Status Feature

Hi guys, we just got word that WhatsApp will commence Ads display in its status feature. Now i don’t know if this is really important but i guess thats what you do when you go into a business right? to make profit.

The facebook owned messenger decided to do this as a primary mode of monetization for the company.

However, this will commence in the year 2019. Charlie Daniels hasn’t given a specific date on when this feature would commence but WhatsApp highlighted in previous reports that they’ll come in 2019.

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This is not the first time we’ve heard about ads on WhatsApp. Facebook is eager for the messaging service, which it acquired for $19 billion in 2014, to start making money. WhatsApp said in August that businesses will be able to do things like provide real-time customer service and send information like boarding passes or shipping confirmations.

So thats its guys, expect ads (possibly targeted ads) in the application’s ‘status’ section come 2019

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