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Wondering What A Cache Plugin Is And How It Works?

To tell you the truth, i was wondering what this was and how it works for a while. After a few research, got to know about it and am sharing that knowledge with you all today.

WordPress sites are dynamic. This implies that they utilize a database, have complicated PHP scripts, and they’re always changing. All of your posts, comments, and other information are stored in this database. And every time you load the page, your blog has to figure out what page (or post) you’re trying to view, then pull that content out of the database to display it for you. It does that on every single page load. That’s a lot of work!

How A Cache Plugin Works

What a caching plugin does (usually) is generate static, HTML copies of your pages. So when the page gets viewed, it saves a copy of that page in a static form, the it displays that static HTML copy to your users. That way it doesn’t have to check the database every single time. It saves time and resources when loading pages.

What does “purge cache” do?

So now let’s talk about purging the cache. That simply means to delete the HTML “copies” of your pages. So if you purge the cache, it means the next time you view your blog, it will generate the page by pulling info from the database (the original method). Then, it will recopy the page again to create a new, static HTML copy.

Recommended caching plugins

A few hosts do not allow their users to use caching plugins. Because while a caching plugin will make your blog load more quickly, it also uses more server resources. So be sure to check your web host’s terms of use before installing one.

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