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Worried About Exhausting Your Data on Instagram? Worry No More!

Today’s article is gonna be about learning to minimize the amount of data your Instagram App consumes. Over the years a lot of people have been complaining about Instagram’s attraction to their data, some are even afraid of launching the App. I remember there was a time when i was managing my data and i mistakenly launched Instagram, my heart skipped and i quickly turned off my data.

How can we reduce data consumption on our Instagram? I’ve got a few tips here to help you with that. Here are some tips you can use to minimize data usage on Instagram:

Notice! Instagram frequently updates and improves on their app, so to benefit from the data saving features first update your app to the latest version. 

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How To Minimize Data Consumption On Instagram

1. Turn on Data Saver

Instagram has a data saver option that can reduce the amount of data used by up to half or more. To enable this option,

  • Go to “Settings” on your Instagram App
  • Click on “Account”
  • scroll down to “Mobile data
  • Tap on “Data Saver” to toggle it on.

2. Disable Loading Of High Resolution media

  • Go to the “Data Saver” Click on “Account” menu from Number 1 tip (above)
  • Tap on “High-resolution media”
  • Choose “Never” or “Wi-Fi only”

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